The Vision and Mission of Union of Financial Planners of Israel

The Union of Financial Planners of Israel (UFPI) is a nonprofit organization owned by it members that is dedicated to the promotion of the profession of Financial Planning and ongoing professional standards and education of Financial Planners in Israel.

 UFPI’s Mission

To provide in Israel the right knowledge, right skills and accumulated experience necessary for financial planning professionals who desire to provide a value proposition of high quality advice to their customers. UFPI will provide access to tools, methodologies, media and a set of professional standards that will allow members to reach their maximum professional potential, recognized in local and international markets and the communities they serve as well trained, well qualified and highly ethical professionals who always act in the client’s best interest. UFPI will further represent what is best about the industry to the market in general and promote education and ethical best practice in general.

 UFPI’s Vision

UFPI will be the premier body for financial planning in Israel. Its members will be recognized by the public, the industry and the regulating authorities for their professionalism and values, be the first choice of customers who seek a differentiated value proposition based on the capabilities of their advisers, and be subject to strict ongoing national and international standards of continuing professional development